Undead in the West II: They Just Keep Coming

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Brian Poshen also had the right touch for a goonie goon and Glasgow scored it well in the commentary that Poshen's whimper was a pitch perfect punchline for what this movie was meant to be: good silly fun. While the budget might not have been high enough for Ferrell, the make-up and effects created a crisp feel of gruesome without being gore. Meanwhile, Denton as Elmer plays the right kind of straight man to get frustrated with Kattan's struggles without being too strong or silent to sympathize or show his struggles with the unusual undead.

The old class clown put together a fun popcorn flick for horror and slapstick buffs without relying on the South Park creators. Too bad this movie didn't get a chance in theaters. I've scanned some other comments and think the complaints about the movie being racist or sexist are way off and made by folks way too sensitive.

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I go with the Carlos Mencia philosophy on all that stuff and think all people are fair game to tease, even mock. Racism is forcing one group to live in substandard conditions to your own or thinking that they should because those other people are inferior to you. All the characters were equal opportunity insulters. The Indian native American culture is not belittled and the actress who played the heroine yes the Indian was a 3D good-guy without a feather or talking like Tarzan Navi Rawat is an actual Indian, perfectly cast for much more than ethnicity, she had a comic touch with sass, sexiness without selling her skin and sporting enough to pull off most of her own stuntwork fighting off bad guys with swords.

She had no qualms with the picture and gives it as good as she takes it with the cowboys. If the movie chose to show a little more skin already R for the violence, and straight to video, I'm surprised it didn't she could have made for the better ending some suggest with the other meaning of eating, though sacrificing a couple toes would have made for the happier ending audiences yearns for without the humor.

Needless to say, if you didn't laugh, it was because you were too busy telling yourself that good people don't laugh at such stuff. You stiff probably wouldn't laugh at Blazing Saddles either. This movie may not be on that level, but a decent comparison, poking fun at some standards. Anyone so sensitive should have read the cover to know to creator was a former South Park writer and expected politically incorrect humor -- to be honest I was hoping for a few more people to poop their pants when they died.

What can I say, as a South Park lover, I love fart jokes and toilet humor so this movie was right up my alley. FlashCallahan 22 January Army deserter Elmer Winslow and local cowboy Luke Budd are on the run after robbing the evil Sheriff Claypool, stealing his money and fleeing the town, they find themselves with an angry posse on their trail. Joining Elmer and Luke is an Apache warrior, who's out to wreak vengeance on behalf of her decimated people; her plan is to attack the U.

Army wherever she can find it, and she takes Elmer up on his offer to go with her to the nearest Army outpost he knows. Their plans become complicated when they discover that, as a result of the great Apache Geronimo's curse on the white man, all the people of the surrounding areas have turned into zombies. While watching the opening credits for the film 'A Zombedy' pops up into the title segment, informing viewers that this will be a comedy.

As soon as i saw that, i knew this was going to be a stinker. I just didn't know how much of a stinker it was going to be. The story is dire, the performances are not too bad, but given the material they have been given to use, they look embarrassed, and come the end of the film, it all feels like 'Ghosts of Mars'. They have tried to make it seem original by setting it in the Wild West, but it's all too obvious they are trying to cash in on 'Shaun of the Dead'. More yawn of the dead.

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DasBobsWorld 1 February There are a few things I have to admit in this review before beginning. I have seen this film more than once. Well, those are the only two things, but still, they are pretty unlikely. I mean a western with zombies in it, that's a low budget comedy The odds were not in favor of this watch. Joking aside, I actually don't mind this film. There are some actual funny parts, and Chris Kattan doesn't bother me for the whole film. Mind you he is basically playing the spastic down on his luck weirdo that he does in every movie, but it still kind of worked.

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Now, when I say worked, I mean in a b-movie low budget way. Undead or Alive is a far reach from being a good film. Entertaining for what it is Yes, I'll go with that. The movie follows two cowboys and a Native woman, who just happens to Geronimo's niece as they try to escape an evil man in black style killer they stole from. The thing is, he was bitten by a zombie and for some reason, he and his zombie posse have kept most of their minds intact. As villains go the zombie man in black was pretty fun, as he can be shot and basically killed over and over without actually dying, leading to some fun banter later in the film.

I do question what Geronimo would think about using the memory of his life to make of plot of a zombie film made with a low budget though.

They Just Keep Coming

See, it's Geronimo's curse that has made all the zombies in the west. So it was obviously based on real movie facts.

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Anyways, Undead or Alive isn't a great film, or really even a good film. But I was entertained on more than one occasion, so I would recommend it for those looking for a tamer bad movie night. This commits the main fault of any comedy, in that it fails to be funny. The Zombie and Cowboy action is ok, and the special effects acceptable its obviously low budget - but its only vaguely amusing in places. That may be a matter of taste, but you have been warned. I knew I should have known better to see a zombie movie with Chris Kattan in it. I can't help it, I watch anything with a zombie in it.

I really knew I was in trouble when I saw Brian Posehn as a zombie. I mean he makes an imposing one being that he is 6'7" in height. But they made him a bumbling idiot zombie and not scary at all. He even bites chicken's head off to eat brains!

Undead in the West II: They Just Keep Coming

Come on! Right there I knew I was in for a mediocre zombie flick..

Now James Denton as 'Elmer Winslow' was somewhat good casting. He does an OK cowboy. But Chris Kattan? No way! He is just so.. And he being the love interest of the beautiful Navi Rawat who plays 'Sue' Geronimo's niece, was a joke. And I wasn't laughing. Leslie Jordan as 'Padre' was OK and was the only character caught up in some suspense with zombie s all around him and he trying to just get some water without being seen.

His scenes were short and in the end his part was wasted. The whole movie stunk for on a lot of levels. And not like in the way funnier and scarier classic 's 'Return of the Living Dead' talk-like-a-way but like regular people!? And you can't kill a zombie the conventional way of shooting them in the head!?

According to Geronimo, if you are bitten and turn into a zombie, you can become normal again by eating the flesh of the medicine person who put the zombie curse in the 1st place! That just killed it for me. Zombies are just not suppose to talk in any way shape or form! Yeah right! I'll give this movie a couple of firsts though. Besides the talking like regular folks zombies, we have a sword-yielding zombie! And the ultimate clincher, skipping zombies!!? I kid you not, when I saw Brian Posehn, who at the beginning of the film had killed his wife and daughter and now at the end of the film he digs them up from their graves and they rejoice they are back together again as a family albeit a zombie one, and they skip off to the sunset and "die" happily ever after was just too much.

Even their dog became a zombie! But the ultimate greatest 1st is McQualude 1 October Undead or Alive Is a small budget zombie western comedy or zombedy, as the filmmakers call it. Before his death, Geronimo cast a curse on the White Man that results in zombification. This causes a lot of grief for two misfit wannabe cowboys who along the way experience a lot of adventure, friendship, love, loss and eventually the perfect western ending. But these aren't your typical Romero ghouls, they reason and even speak, more familiar to fans of The Return of the Living Dead, a shot to the brain won't kill them but instead you have to cut off the head.

The cast had good chemistry and seemed to be having a lot of fun, after the credits there is a gag reel so stick around for that. You'll see some familiar faces: Cristin Machele, a staple of B zombie movies who always has a topless scene, plays a saloon girl who saves the goodies for a priest. James Denton who I recognized but couldn't place. The make-up was at times primitive, the thankfully limited CGI terrible, but the writing was above par having been penned by South Park writer, Glasgow Phillips, and much of the dialog was witty.

The girls are cute, not much nudity to speak of, the gore isn't over-the-top but comes at a steady pace. Undead or Alive isn't a particularly good zombie movie and it's a terrible western, but somehow it all comes together nicely and kept me well entertained. FightingWesterner 10 September It's unfortunate that in order to get modern audiences to watch a western, you got to put zombies in it.

Even worse, you have to turn it into as comedy in order to have any credibility left. Undead Or Alive is entertaining on a no-brainer level, though one wishes that the filmmakers would have watched a ton of straight westerns before making an attempt to spoof the genre. Come to think of it, the zombie genre doesn't fare much better in the parody department.

Zombies are more thrilling than they are terrifying.

Still, it moves fast enough. Chris Kattan and James Denton are personable enough.

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  7. Leslie Jordan is fun to watch too. Scarecrow 20 August This time we have a zombie western comedy! Yep, zombie virus spreads across the Old West when two cowboys, Elmer and Luke James Denton and Chris Kattan who get caught up in a minor fight over a floozy, land in jail, break out, and are pursued by the corrupt sheriff and his portly deputy, Claypool and Cletus both eventually infected by the virus when Cletus is bit by a local who sucked out his wife and daughter's brains, Old Ben, who, in turn, gnaws on Claypool's hand. Elmer was a soldier, would like to be a dentist, but soon is on the lam with Luke who was betrayed by his "princess", the town prostitute.

    Elmer's a deserter who decided to take off with not only the money Claypool Matt Besser took from him, but the rest of the loot in his safe. They come across a pretty female Indian, Sue, Geronimo's niece no less, and the three form a partnership.

    Undead in the West II: They Just Keep Coming Undead in the West II: They Just Keep Coming
    Undead in the West II: They Just Keep Coming Undead in the West II: They Just Keep Coming
    Undead in the West II: They Just Keep Coming Undead in the West II: They Just Keep Coming
    Undead in the West II: They Just Keep Coming Undead in the West II: They Just Keep Coming
    Undead in the West II: They Just Keep Coming Undead in the West II: They Just Keep Coming
    Undead in the West II: They Just Keep Coming Undead in the West II: They Just Keep Coming
    Undead in the West II: They Just Keep Coming Undead in the West II: They Just Keep Coming
    Undead in the West II: They Just Keep Coming Undead in the West II: They Just Keep Coming
    Undead in the West II: They Just Keep Coming

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