Tropical Home: Inspirational Design Ideas

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Tropical Decor Inspiration

The adjoining step is formed as part of the concrete planter that holds the indoor tree.

The tree helps make the small home interior feel larger and airy, and links the two floors of the house. A white marble worktop meets a solid wood breakfast bar counter that looks onto the courtyard. Climate challenges have also been addressed by the fact that the site area is very small, and three sides of the house is hidden from the elements.

What is a detached house?

The wooden shutters make a picturesque backdrop to a small sitting area, which is furnished with a bedroom accent chair and footstool plus a small side table. Wooden wardrobes are topped with more open storage shelves.

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A door inside the bedroom leads to an ensuite bathroom. A wall mounted vanity unit has a light wood towel shelf topped with smooth white marble.

Comfy Tropical Decor Ideas That Combine Style With Practicality

A matching wood framed mirror spans the wash zone. The vanity wall of the bathroom backs onto an upstairs utility room. Textured grey bathroom tiles cover all of the walls inside and out of the wet zone, and clad the side of the fitted bathtub. Uplighters have been focussed upon the courtyard tree for dramatic effect.

Concrete flooring runs seamlessly between the two spaces, and honey coloured woodtone unites the areas further. Paradise is possible by investing in some beautifully patterned pieces to help you achieve a modern tropical interior design. Utilize upholstered furnishings saturated with rich color to add a vibrant touch to your home as you can find riotous upholstery fabrications with palm frond patterns and exotic flora and fauna.

2. Create a serene scene

Oversized tropical patterned wallpapers are certain to add a sense of drama and elevate a space with a summery and sultry vibe evoking sensational beachside retreats. Go bold with a heavier pattern featuring dense foliage and deep color to really invite the tropics into your home, or something lighter, with more negative space and lighter hues.

Blues, yellows, and greens work well when it comes to perking up your home with tropical interior design.

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Introduce a tropical palette to your home with bold furniture coverings — how about a turquoise sofa or a bold yellow reading chair? The tropics are vibrant and colorful, and your home interior design ideas should take a cue from that. Adding flora to your home is a simple not to mention low-budget way to bring tropical home interior design into your environment.

The bright colors of anthuriums add vibrancy, while stunning birds of paradise will add an exquisite focal point to your room. For a more muted addition of color, consider a peace lily as the soft white of the flowers disrupts the green tones nicely. You can also introduce luxurious green tones via banana trees and palms. Introducing textures like wicker through furnishings and natural products like wooden bowls and handmade baskets will make your home interior feel homely, with a touch of tropical. The more natural texture you can bring into your space the better — how about lamp shades made out of dried woven palm fronds?

Fun prints of pineapples and flamingos will brighten up walls — why not in easy on the eye doses. Tropical leaves also make great art pieces and you can mix and match between photos and paintings and drawings.

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116,016 Tropical Home Design Ideas

Information about them and how you can object or terminate their use can be found in our Privacy Policy. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to their use. A house is where you create memories, a place you feel safe, a house becomes a home. For that reason we here at homify will dedicate our time to make your house a reality, all you have to do is fill it with memories. The detached home is one that stands alone. It is a free-standing building, a house that is not joined to any other house. As the name suggests, a semi-detached home is one that is joined by other homes.

This house does not stand alone. A townhouse is a series of homes attached to each other. In the United States the townhouse is defined as single-family homes with at least two floors that share a wall with another house.

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They are arranged in row but they are not necessarily uniform one to another. A duplex or triplex is a building that is divided into multiple units. Much like semi-detached houses, these have their separate entrance and is responsible for the care of its own unit. As the name suggests, it is located away from city centers.

Style wise it can be varied but there is always a relaxed approach to it. Comfort is at the center of a county home. The asian style comes with inclined roofs to the sides and flat roof to the top, more in the form of a japanese hat. They are usually one-story home.

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Wood and bamboo are common. A manicured garden is also a common feature.

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Typical of the Mediterranean, these are homes that endure warm weather, commonly made with a stucoo exterior and tiled roof. This style come with metal and brick exposure. It offers lot of options to choose from and also gives information on each one of them making it easier for you to choose from it. There are 8 basic steps to design a house.

Any project takes about 6 months to one year complete on an average. The first step is always a thorough research. Designs, type of house suited for your location, budget and architects. The architect builds the layout plan and site analysis, while the designer decides how to style the building.

Tropical Home: Inspirational Design Ideas Tropical Home: Inspirational Design Ideas
Tropical Home: Inspirational Design Ideas Tropical Home: Inspirational Design Ideas
Tropical Home: Inspirational Design Ideas Tropical Home: Inspirational Design Ideas
Tropical Home: Inspirational Design Ideas Tropical Home: Inspirational Design Ideas
Tropical Home: Inspirational Design Ideas Tropical Home: Inspirational Design Ideas

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