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The results can also be viewed in table format. Simantics System Dynamics has been used in various projects inside VTT, and it has also a small but constantly growing global user base. Simantics System Dynamics is based on the Modelica language which allows you to use standard Modelica features within your models.

System dynamics

When you simulate a graphically modelled system dynamics model, the tool transforms the model into a Modelica model which is simulated using either the internal Modelica solver or OpenModelica , an open source Modelica environment. Additionally, you can extract the Modelica code from the tool and simulate it using your favourite Modelica tool.

Simantics System Dynamics supports all the common system dynamics modelling operations. Skip to main content. Ballinger, Cambridge, Mass. Macedo, J. A reference approach for policy optimization in system dynamics models. Meadows D. Whole earth models and systems.

European Master in System Dynamics | European Master in System Dynamics

Coevolution Q. Summer , 98— Meadows, D. Strategem I. Morecroft, J.

System Dynamics: Simulation for Policy Analysis from a Feedback Perspective

A critical review of diagramming tools for system dynamics. Dynamica 8 , 2 Summer , 20— Rationality in the analysis of behavioral simulation models.

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Plenary paper. The evolution of the feedback concept in American social science. Problems with causal-loop diagrams. Feedback Thought in Social Science. To be published. Richmond, B.

High Performance Systems, Inc. Roberts, E. Strategies for effective implementation of complex corporate models. Interfaces 8 , 1 , Part I. Managerial Applications of System Dynamics. Roberts, N.

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Addison-Wesley, Reading, Mass. Stenberg, L. A modeling procedure for public policy. Sterman, J. Testing behavioral simulation models by direct experiment.

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Deterministic chaos in models of human behavior: Methodological issues and experimental results. Misperceptions of feedback in dynamic decision making. Human Dec. Modeling managerial behavior: Misperceptions of feedback in a dynamic decision making experiment. Strategem A microcomputer simulation game of the Kondratiev cycle. Games 16 , — An experiment to evaluate methods of estimating fossil fuel resources.

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Forecasting 4 , — Stinchcomb, A. Constructing Social Theories. Harcourt, Brace and World, New York, Tversky, A. Judgement under uncertainty: Heuristics and biases. Science , — George Braziller, New York, Weick, K. The Social Psychology of Organizing. Weil, H. The Evolution of an approach for achieving implemented results from system dynamics projects. Wolstenholme, E. A methodology for qualitative system dynamics. System dynamics and heuristic optimization in defense analysis. The development of system dynamics as a methodology for system description and qualitative analysis.

Richardson There are no affiliations available. Personalised recommendations. Cite chapter How to cite? ENW EndNote.

System Dynamics System Dynamics
System Dynamics System Dynamics
System Dynamics System Dynamics
System Dynamics System Dynamics
System Dynamics System Dynamics
System Dynamics System Dynamics

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