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Why a philosopher should know about set, model, computability and proof theory? I'm starting to study first order logic.

Proof Theory: An Intensive MA/PhD Course

I really like it. Propositional and predicate logic seems pretty useful for a philosopher. But what about set, model, computability and proof theory? I don't know what they are about and how it relates to the philosopher's work. Could you throw some light on these topics? Well, if you're interested in the philosophy of mathematics, then that's where they will be absolutely indispensable. They might also be good for you if you're into the philosophy of mind and artificial intelligence. Set theory: Is just the theory about sets and how they behave.

The way they behave is determined by our axioms of set theory. Important in the philosophy of mathematics because some people think that all of math can be reduced to set theory, and that numbers are just sets. Computability: Theory about what we can determine using some algorithm.

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When you study the foundations of mathematics, this is very important, since it will bear on how mathematics is justified look up the Church-Turing Thesis, and Godel's Incompleteness Theorem. It also bears on questions in the philosophy of mind: e. To answer that question, we need to understand what it means to compute, etc.

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Proof Theory and Model Theory 2. Logical Consequence 2.

Game Theory: The Science of Decision-Making

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Proof Theory & Philosophy Proof Theory & Philosophy
Proof Theory & Philosophy Proof Theory & Philosophy
Proof Theory & Philosophy Proof Theory & Philosophy
Proof Theory & Philosophy Proof Theory & Philosophy
Proof Theory & Philosophy Proof Theory & Philosophy

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