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How do you feel when your Pastor asks you to donate for wifey's birthday?

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Preferred contact method Email Text message. She develops real feelings for her new husband, and she soon wants more attention and affection than Byran is willing to give her. Allyson is left with a decision.


Does she give it all up for true love, or does she stick it out and try to prove that money can buy you happiness? The Preachers Wifey is a well-written, page-turning, intense drama that will stay with you long after you read the last page. A wonderful story of growing faith and learning how to rely on God, this novel is full of messages of Gods love and forgiveness.

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This is DiShan Washingtons best work yet. Dangerous Summer 3: A question of alibi - A question of revenge. Often co-authored by husband and wife pairs, popular sex guides from the last two decades explore everything from the the role of anal sex in Biblical marriages to the virtues of sex toys and raunchy costumes. One author, Marabel Morgan, suggests women should try setting up different scenes and creatively using props, such as a trampoline, to initiate sex.

Predictably, this idea evolved symbiotically with the sexual revolution. But with the publication of Herbert J. Miles's Sexual Happiness in Marriage, that changed.

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He argued that the "one-flesh relationship" between husbands and wives is the natural basis of all marriages—and, moreover, that "sex is only Christian sex if both spouses are sexually satisfied. Miles's approach of offering step-by-step intercourse instructions set the standard for modern-day Christian sex books, DeRogatis writes—a particularly important resource for people who deliberately remain chaste before their wedding day. This often includes gender-specific insights "a woman never ejaculates or expels fluid as does a man," wrote the Christian couple Beverly and Tim LaHaye in their book, The Act of Marriage.

Although that information is arguably logistically important, it also sets up an implied argument: Men have sex in a certain way, and this is how; women have sex in a certain way, and this is how. Like the distinctively male and female gender roles defended by many evangelical writers, these definitive sexual roles are attributed to the Bible. In The Act of Marriage , for example, the Song of Solomon is cited as a guide for manual clitoral stimulation: "His left arm is under my head, and his right arm embraces me.

The most authoritative text on sexuality is This raises the stakes of evangelical sexuality. Biblically inspired gender identity and sexuality isn't just a Sarah Palin-esque counter-cultural fad; it's tied to the foundational beliefs of a large group of Christians. Purity movements like "True Love Waits" and organizations like The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood developed in response to, and in tandem with, the sexual revolution and everything after; ultimately, they're an attempt to protect what's seen as a core Christian value.

Firm expectations about the meaning of manhood and womanhood can have consequences, though. Some evangelical Christians believe in "complementarian" marriages, in which the husband is considered the rightful head of household and the wife is Biblically commanded to be submissive to him. Widely accepted ideas about gender identity in the evangelical community are rooted in this principle.

They care more about emotional and relational issues," said DeRogatis. These are truths that evangelicals understand are created by God.

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Nothing in Christianity says this dynamic should include physical, mental, or emotional abuse; in fact, the book of Colossians in the Bible explicitly instructs , "Husbands, love your wives, and do not be harsh with them. But the question is still troubling: If women are Biblically commanded to submit to their husbands, and their husbands were created by God as aggressive creatures, what's the line between "household leadership" and "abuse"?

More importantly, how should evangelical women respond when they think their husbands have crossed that line?

John Piper, a Baptist preacher and the founder of the website Desiring God , answered this question in a video interview in This is a man who has published more than 50 books, and who serves as chancellor of a Christian college; he has , followers on Twitter. If it's not requiring her to sin, but simply hurting her, then I think she endures verbal abuse for a season, and perhaps she endures being smacked for a night, and then she finds help from the church.

Since then, Piper has written on his website to clarify the intention of that statement.


In a survey of 1, mainline and evangelical Protestant ministers conducted by the Southern Baptist organization Lifeway this year, researchers found that two-thirds of pastors speak about domestic abuse in their congregations roughly once a year, if that. Although a third of American women and a fourth of American men report that they have experienced intimate-partner violence, 75 percent of pastors estimated that less than 20 percent of their congregants had ever experienced abuse. Nearly 40 percent estimated that less than 5 percent of the adults and children in their congregations had experienced abuse.

Perhaps more troublingly, when these pastors actually did encounter domestic abuse in their congregations, many dealt with it in a "dangerous or even potentially lethal" way, according to the study's authors. Choosing to resolve these situations otherwise "may be countercultural for U. In parts of the evangelical blogging community, the idea that women should submit to their husbands and do everything in their power to preserve their marriages can take a troubling tone.

Preachers Wifey Preachers Wifey
Preachers Wifey Preachers Wifey
Preachers Wifey Preachers Wifey
Preachers Wifey Preachers Wifey
Preachers Wifey Preachers Wifey

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