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  • Has Economics Education Become Too Mathematical? | INOMICS;
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Mathematics for economists

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Mathematics for Economists (Matlab Live Codes)

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The five categories are 1 Mathematical review, 2 Linear equations, 3 Mathematics of finance and growth, 4 Linear programming, and 5 Differentiation and integration. This set of video materials ranges through 54 topics in finance, from the basics of interest and compounding, inflation, and the difference between real and nominal return; through stocks, bonds, mutual funds and hedge funds; to options, Collateralised Debt Obligations, and Credit Default Swaps.

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Each topic has a short playlist of YouTube videos with text transcripts. The sections on investment and the economy reflect the US origin of the material. Each lasts a few minutes and gives audio narration while you see the instructor's hand writing. The videos can be watched for free on YouTube.

Our site Studying Economics has tips including writing and referencing , revision , and help with maths. This short video explains your rights to use material found online.

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Click in the bottom right to view full-screen. They should be able to use these tools to: prove relevant optimisation theorems; set up and solve optimal control problems; set up and solve dynamic programming problems. Generic skills High level of development: problem solving; interpretation and analysis; critical thinking.

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Moderate level of development: oral communication; written communication; collaborative learning; team work; application of theory to practice; receptiveness to alternative ideas. Some level of development: synthesis of data and other information; evaluation of data and other information; use of computer software; accessing data and other information from a range of sources.

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Mathematics for Economists Mathematics for Economists
Mathematics for Economists Mathematics for Economists
Mathematics for Economists Mathematics for Economists
Mathematics for Economists Mathematics for Economists
Mathematics for Economists Mathematics for Economists

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