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Sota Polypodiaceae. Am Fern J MAIA, V. Biota Neotrop 8 1 : An Acad Bras Cienc 89 1 Suppl. A new genus and species of gall midge Diptera, Cecidomyiidae associated with Microgramma vacciniifolia Langsd. Polypodiaceae from Brazil. Rev Bras Entomol 55 1 : Braz J Biol 75 MANI, M.

Ecology of plant galls. An Soc Entomol Bras Interactions of ferns with fungi and animals.

In Fern Ecology K. Mehltreter, LR. Sharpe, eds. Cambridge University Press. Dolichophaonia gallicola Albuq. An Soc Entomol Bras 28 3 : Structure, biochemistry and ecology of entomogenous galls in Selaginella Pal.

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Selaginellaceae from India. J Plant Interact PPG I. A community-derived classification for extant lycophytes and ferns. The Pteridophyte Phylogeny Group. J Syst Evol 54 6 : Insect-induced plant galls of India: unresolved questions. Curr Sci India A classsification for extant ferns.

Taxon 55 3 : Marcelo Guerra Santos: Substantial contribution in the concept and design of the study; Contribution to data collection; Contribution to data analysis and interpretation; Contribution to manuscript preparation; Contribution to critical revision, adding intellectual content. The authors declare that they have no conflict of interest related to the publication of this manuscript.

This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Services on Demand Journal. Thematic Review A synopsis of fern galls in Brazil.

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Abstract Galls are neo-formed plant structures induced by species-specific interaction between an inducing organism and a host plant. Introduction Lycophytes and ferns are two distinct plant lineages historically lumped together under various terms, such as "pteridophytes" or "ferns and allied plants" Smith et al.

Material and Methods The synopsis was compiled using existing data, and by updating scientific names and gathering new information obtained by the authors in fieldwork. Results and Discussion The first records of fern galls in Brazil were made by Houard Conflicts of interest The authors declare that they have no conflict of interest related to the publication of this manuscript. How to cite this article. Baixeras, Tortricidae, Lepidoptera. Primadiplosis microgrammae Maia, Cecidomyiidae, Diptera.

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Author Verdoorn, Frans, , ed. Physical Description 1 p. Subjects Pteridophyta. Contents Includes index.

Notes Some of the articles are in German. Contains bibliographies. View online Borrow Buy. Set up My libraries How do I set up "My libraries"? Black Mountain Library. May not be open to the public ; The University of Melbourne Library. Open to the public. University of Queensland Library. University of Sydney Library. Offprint: F. Bonaparte, Roland, Prince. Notes Pte? Printed by the author, Paris. Bond, Richard W. Victorian Ferns: Descriptions of all the Species occurring in the State.

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Borthakur, S. Deka and K. Illustrated Manual of Ferns of Assam. Bosanquet, Rev. A Plain and Easy Account of the British Ferns; together with their classification, arrangement of genera, structure, and functions; and a glossary of technical and other terms Serving as a Key to Larger Treatises.

Originally published anonymously. First edition: Robert Hardwicke, London, England. Second edition: Subtitle: Wherein each species is particularly described under its respective genus and the characteristics of those genera given in words of common use. For further editions of this work, which was essentially re-written, see Lankaster, Phebe. Bosch, R. Hymenophyllaceae, [in] Plantae Junghuhnianae. Miquel, pp. Lugduni Batavorum. Hymenophyllaceae Javanicae.

Amsterdam, Netherlands. Synopsis Hymenophyllacearum. Mededeelingen Rijksherbarium, no. A Monograph of the Fern Genus Microsorum Polypodiaceae , including an attempt towards a reconstruction of the phylogenetic history of the microsoroids.


Leiden Botanical Series, Volume Boullard, Bernard. Boulos, Loutfy. Flora of Egypt, Volume 1: Azollaceae-Oxalidaceae. Al Hadara Publishing, Egypt. Boureau, Edouard. Masson et Cie. Bower, Frederick Orpen. The Ferns. Volume 1: Analytical Examination of the Criteria of Comparison. LCAgr pt. LC Agr pt. Volume 3: The Leptosporangiate Ferns. Reprint Volume 1: Cambridge University Press. Reprint Volume 2: Cambridge University Press. Reprint Volume 3: Cambridge University Press. Bower, F.

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Glasgow, Scotland, Boydston, Kathryn. With Ralph C. Benedict, William R. Maxon, Paul C. Standley, and Edgar T. Kathryn Boydston, Chicago, Illinois.

Manual of Pteridology Manual of Pteridology
Manual of Pteridology Manual of Pteridology
Manual of Pteridology Manual of Pteridology
Manual of Pteridology Manual of Pteridology
Manual of Pteridology Manual of Pteridology

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