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I am also of the opinion that we were not a Thrash Metal band, but a Speed Metal one. Exactly how many of them were released officially?

In the tape-traders' lists it's possible to find up to three of them Also there are still two live demos, one from Germany and another from Belgium, which were more or less "official" demos. We also have always had the same line-up. Today it ain't anymore, unfortunately, because only very few good bands got no chance to record a CD.

I believe the production was what allowed the songs to sound so softly. The producers in Germany pay very much attention to drums, bass and singing, which is always in the front and the guitars get neglected.

Iron Angel

I think, for example, that if an American had mixed "Winds Of War", the result would have turned out much harder. From outside everything seemed to go very smoothly up to the release of the second album, but what about the view from inside? Are the real causes still kept in top secret after all these years?

Don't you have anything to add on the subject, like what those differences were like and how they happened to be strong enough to kill the band whose future looked more or less bright at the time? Dirk still is a demanded studio-singer today. However, he didn't sing in any bands after Iron fishing Angel. Sven has played in some Heavy Metal bands whose names I have no idea of, because I have no more contact to Sven. All what I know about Thorsten is that he has moved for professional reasons to Bavaria. As for me, I have played in various Speed- and Heavy Metal bands.

Iron Angel

Blackmore Group". H ow did you hook up with Ritchie Blackmore and what was that experience all about? He's considered to be one of the most "unpleasant to deal with" persons in heavy music, you know, so, having worked with him, did you share this opinion too in the end?

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Today he still is a very good friend of mine. In case you kept watching the scene all the time it is quite possible, I suppose Anyway, are you still proud to name yourselves "Heavy Metal soldiers"? With Heavy Metal Soldiers we have not meant ourselves, but the fans who stood like an army behind the band. Peter was my best friend, and I feel that with his death a part of me has died as well.

IRON ANGEL – HELLBOUND (LP – black vinyl)

We are not going to change the songs. Unfortunately, we could not record the solo guitars any more, and there will be no guitar solo on "The Rebirth". There will also still be the fourth album which I will only record with Dirk. I will play all instruments and Dirk will sing all songs. The title will be "Vier"".

Iron Angel Iron Angel
Iron Angel Iron Angel
Iron Angel Iron Angel
Iron Angel Iron Angel
Iron Angel Iron Angel
Iron Angel Iron Angel
Iron Angel Iron Angel

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