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Today Cosmopolitan retains almost no reminants of its origins. It is fascinating to see how it has shifted with the culture and how our culture has changed because of it. There's something touchingly quaint about the caption "Audrey Hepburn wears pretty clothes in her new movie. I am old enough to have read Cosmopolitan before Helen Gurley Brown took over. It was definitely a magazine for readers. Gradually the articles became more aimed at getting and pleasing a man and the fiction became snippets of erotic fantasy.

Now when I see an issue of Cosmopolitan I am saddened that it seems to be directed to an audience with the collective attention span of a gnat. Any portion that pretends to be an article seems limited to bullets and twitter-esque snark. And now it's out of business. Em, absolutely, i used to buy magazines all the time but decided to cut them out completely a few years ago, if i compare how i feel about myself after flicking through a mag like that to how feel when i don't, it makes me wonder why i ever bought them. I used to read cosmogirl too, I from what I remember it was pretty good, I know I learnt a lot about sexual health and stds from it.

I find the 70's issue the most interesting of these examples--it really shows the transition of the magazine from more serious content to "harrowingly explicit sex manual. And in the recent one it's all sex, all the time, except for one article about not gettin' raped. Sal: All magazines are going in that direction. The last time I bought an issue of "Better Homes and Gardens" a magazine I used to love , I aged through the whole thing looking for an article and never found one.

It's all bulleted lists, multi-colored text boxes, and photo captions. I just love the "get a healthy, sexy vagina" headline.


Like what, the primary sex organ of a woman is not inherently "sexy"? If a vagina isn't sexy, I don't know what is. Perhaps the article discusses waxing, or kegels, or labiaplasty, or some other way to sex up your sex. I'm ashamed to say that I read Cosmo as a teenager, shortly after I stopped reading Seventeen, and absolutely attribute a lifelong struggle with eating disorders in large part to these rags. Thankfully, I can now find a perineum on my own and no longer need Cosmo's recycled sex tips.

Really interesting how a change that reflected women's liberation and the sexual revolution in the 70s is now serving basically the opposite purpose. The sex articles are no longer there to empower women, but to remind us how woefully inadequate we would be as lovers without Cosmo's sage advice. I remember in high school, when my friends and I thought it was hilarious to pick a Cosmo article at random and read it out loud to each other in a crowded bookstore.

I think the worst was one going into great detail about how, exactly to move your hand around your guy's penis during a hand job. Faux liberation strikes again. I bought an old copy of Cosmopolitan from for five bucks at a used bookstore. It features two short stories one a man vs. I assumed that it was a different magazine, even though it shared the name, until I looked up the Wikipedia article later. It might be "harrowingly explicit" but it's also completely useless as a sex manual. The advice it gives is all horrible, and the way they present it by suggesting 'hot surprises' instead of encouraging you to talk to your partner and actually find out what you'd both like is even worse.

It's a gender role indoctrination manual that encourages insecurity and discourages communication across gender lines. My wife used to get Cosmo for light reading. I leafed through it from time to time laughing at some of the absolutely ridiculous statements in the articles like "men don't like to cuddle. Recently, supermarkets in my area have started obscuring the cover of Cosmo on the racks. I mean, it's not like Cosmo used to be less sexist. Maybe it was more intellectually stimulating, but weren't most of the stories written by men anyway? No guarantees of female empowerment there.

I think it's really fascinating how it's changed over the years, along with other non-lady-centric publications, but the "eugh, all it has these days is SEX MANUALS" commentary strikes me as not terribly progressive. One aspect of the continued popularity of Cosmo that needs to be taken into account is that the magazine wouldn't be printing the "articles" that it does if the readers didn't respond to them and purchase them due to the racy and sexist content.

FAB Cover: Nidhi Sunil For Cosmopolitan Magazine, India, May - FAB BLOG

If women don't want to be portrayed as a man's sexual object then maybe they shouldn't be reading a magazine that is teaching them how to be exactly that. Cosmo is only living up to the standards that we as a society are holding it to. That being said, sometimes women do want advice on sex and there is nothing wrong with that as long as it doesn't turn into a culture of women simply striving to please their men without any reciprocal reward.

And it would be nice if Cosmo branched out into other subjects that women are interested in, they could draw in a larger audience and thus more profits if they didn't so narrowly limit their content to one of a sexual nature. Via WM. Christie, the Senior Web Editor for Cosmopolitan. I think it's great you dug up those old covers For those of you interested in seeing more, I just wanted to pass on our online Cosmo Cover Gallery, which has covers from the past 10 years.

We really enjoy the older Cosmopolitan magazines. Stunning covers and great literature combined!

On The Cover Of Cosmopolitan Magazine, May 2014 is Kaley Cuoco.

They should bring back the illustrated cover and excellent literature. Make it smarter. Thanks for the excellent post. Please world, please see that sexuality is not a toy. Please see the pain and numbing effect that comes from a sex-saturated society.

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It is a wonderful gift from God to enjoy, but of course we have to pervert it into something that hurts others and ruins lives. So what [ Brave, innovative and dare I say shrewd, oh and they happen to be beautiful women. Look at this glimpse of Cosmos evolution. Audrey Hepburn was once the role model. With good reason-—she was strong, graceful and [ She was a figurehead of the sexual revolution, and she wanted women to feel sexually liberated. In order to survive, the magazines retool themselves or else they die. Cosmopolitan was first published in and was a type of literary magazine that published short stories and has evolved since […].

All Auction Buy it now. Sort: Best Match. Best Match. Gallery view. Cosmopolitan magazine Aug In good condition.

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Cover photo of Tricia Sembera by Francesco Zcavullo. I had a breast lump by Sally Vincent. EUR EUR 9. EUR 8. EUR 7. Cosmopolitan August UK. The cover is smooth and bright. The internal pages are great. The spine strong and white. There is a very minor bit of wear on the bottom right edge corner. EUR 6. EUR 4. EUR 1.

Cosmopolitan - May 2014 UK

Condition is Used. Dispatched with Royal Mail 1st Class. Elizabeth Hurley is on the cover. Some pages have wrinkled. By Bart Mills.

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Who's reading what?. Cosmopolitan magazine September Cover photo of Rose Marie by Norman Eales. Cosmopolitan, also known as Cosmo, celebrates fun, glamour and a passion for life. EUR 3. EUR 5. Great Cosmopolitan magazine from Pages inside are in nice condition. EUR 2. Cosmopolitan Demi Lovato Magazine. Photographers featured include Duffy, David Steen. Photographers featured include Alice Springs, Norman Eales.

Cosmopolitan [UK] (May 2013) Cosmopolitan [UK] (May 2013)
Cosmopolitan [UK] (May 2013) Cosmopolitan [UK] (May 2013)
Cosmopolitan [UK] (May 2013) Cosmopolitan [UK] (May 2013)
Cosmopolitan [UK] (May 2013) Cosmopolitan [UK] (May 2013)
Cosmopolitan [UK] (May 2013) Cosmopolitan [UK] (May 2013)
Cosmopolitan [UK] (May 2013) Cosmopolitan [UK] (May 2013)

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