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One of the nicest attractions brought to the mall at this time was a huge towering antique-looking Venetian Carousel right at the center of the mall. Unfortunately at this time, another big shift began to occur in Brownsville. Rival Sunrise Mall had begun a multi-million dollar renovation and extension project that would nearly double the size of the mall. The local stores, including a small sports card and collectible store would follow suit.

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There were still a few eateries scattered around the mall. Towards the end of its life as a mall, the only place that would remain as a retail outlet would be a Rex Electronics and Appliance Store. There are now classrooms where Footaction and Zales used to be. The entire Ward's wing has been converted to the technology, drafting, and auto classrooms.

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The Mexican Consulate is also in the mall where a women's clothing store used to be. The rest area benches still exist, but almost every other clue that this place was once a thriving commercial center has been covered up or wiped away. The route to Amigoland Mall still shows a street sign pointing to an alternate route to the Amigoland Mall shoppers could take when there was a freight train blocking the main route.

There is an indoor flea market where the Wal-Mart once was. The old McDonalds that had changed into an upscale women's boutique is now the local Spanish Christian radio station. The landscape has changed over the last ten years. I used to work in the Amigoland Mall. I was a mall Santa Claus for two years. I used to shop in the Amigoland Mall. I prefered going there times more than going to the Sunrise Mall.

I went in there recently. The ceramic tile still looks the same, but that's about it. I went in to the space where Gordons used to be. The safe, along with a counter with vendor phone numbers and credit card company phone numbers still stands. The large glass doors that used to house Dillards have been sealed shut. Peeking through the tinted glass I can see boxes and miscellaneous items stored in piles. The JC Penney loading dock and store have also been turned into dingy storage spaces.

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Standing where the carousel once stood, you can hear the echoes of shoppers as you close your eyes and remember the past. In retrospect, I probably shouldn't have gone in there. I would rather remember the mall as it used to be rather than see what it looks like today. Hidden gems in Le Grau-du-Roi. L'Aventure Mini Golf. Le Cellier des Cigales. Notre Dame de la Mer. Port Camargue.


Maison Mediterraneenne des Vins. Kid-friendly things to do in Le Grau-du-Roi. El Rancho. Nearby attractions in Le Grau-du-Roi. Camargue autrement safari 4x4. Poseidon Plongee. Latitude Beaches in Le Grau-du-Roi. Plage Rive Gauche. Marina Beach. View more plans See all plans. Are you the owner of this business?

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Amigoland Amigoland
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Amigoland Amigoland
Amigoland Amigoland
Amigoland Amigoland
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